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Red Sift

Cybersecurity platform

  • Rahul Powar, CEO
  • London, UK
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  • June 2016
  • Current
  • Seed

The Investment

As hackers become more and more advanced, the cost and complexity of defending against malware and ransomware continues to rise.

As technology evolves, internet connectivity increases and data dependence grows, cybersecurity has become a huge focus for companies of all sizes. However, the cost of cybersecurity remains high, and individuals and enterprises have been unable to take cybersecurity seriously due to the costs and expertise required. Where large enterprises can afford it, they struggle to remain nimble in the ever-changing cyberattack landscape. However, this is no longer acceptable, given the amount of data needed to operate a competitive business and that therefore needs to be protected.

Red Sift is tapping into the opportunity to deliver competitively priced cybersecurity products for both large and small enterprises that do not require specific expertise to install, use, or maintain. Through their platform, Red Sift have developed OnDMARC, an email security tool which helps protect against phishing attacks and is deployed across some of the world’s leading technology and financial companies. The company has created a number of similar smart apps they refer to as Sifts, which help organisations and individuals better process, manage, and protect their data. In addition, Red Sift encourages developers to build new Sifts via its intuitive SDK and works with them to bring them to market.

Why We Invested

The tale of our investment in Red Sift and when visions align

If our vision for an Age of Context is to come to fruition, a platform that allows developers with basic coding experience -and eventually data consumers themselves- to collect, merge, analyze and represent data in an insightful and actionable manner must first exist. Secondly, that platform must be open for third parties to build their own micro-services, and finally the platform must help provide distribution to generate value for consumers and developers alike.

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In the News

Red Sift raises $54 million to drive global expansion

Offering a suite of cybersecurity products that block outbound phishing attacks, ensure the security of inbound communications, and fight against domain spoofing, Red Sift has raised $54 million and now plans to take on the US market.

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