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Our mission The investment partner for the globally ambitious.

Technology companies are becoming intertwined with the global economy more so than ever before. In our eyes, the most compelling founders build businesses through a broader world view. Whether by unlocking access to new geographies or appreciating subtle cultural differences, our team was built to partner with these founders regardless of where they are or the industry they're transforming.

Multi-market by design Connecting three continents across the Atlantic and the Pacific

Our team operates with a deep presence in North America, Europe, and Asia so that we can partner with founders to navigate global markets together.

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Our ethos

  • Dedicated & Determined We are building a craft out of technology investing.

    Great technology businesses do not emerge overnight, and neither does technology investing that can withstand the test of time. We subscribe to the long-term pursuit of greatness as much as the founders who we partner with do.

  • Differentiated Perspective We specialize in augmenting the founder's vision.

    Brilliant founders see the world through a unique lens of opportunity. We take pride in helping this vision become a global force reshaping our world.

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More Values

  • Active Partner We measure our success by the value we add.

    Every inevitable success story is authored by tenacity. We mirror the founder's unrelenting willpower by committing the full weight of our team and by accelerating growth through our unique set of expertise.

  • Doing good We believe in doing better by doing good.

    Environmental, Social, and Governance initiatives are pressing matters in every corner of our world. We look to partner with founders elevating the status quo not only as business leaders but also as mission driven ambassadors.

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Our approach to investing We back founders building businesses that are truly differentiated across all markets.

Whether with universally loved products that superscale into many regions or with uniqe business models that cannot be replicated anywhere else in the world, we believe in companies that ultimately define the global standard.

We build conviction in early and venture stages through our local presence and intimate understanding of markets across North America, Europe, and Asia. As active partners, we help founders establish a definitive edge not just in their home market but also abroad.

Our Strategies

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