White Star Capital is a multi-stage investment platform, investing in technology companies around the world. Our multinational team recognizes the importance of understanding the cultural differences in regions and is dedicated to gathering data and creating region-specific investing strategies.

Operating out of New York, Montreal, Toronto, London, Paris, Hong Kong, and Tokyo, our presence, perspective, and people enable us to partner closely with founders to help them scale internationally.

How We Invest

Although our team is distributed geographically, we invest as one cohesive unit. Our global perspective allows us to frame each opportunity in the lens of the international landscape, and so each regional office provides deal feedback with its own, unique perspective prior to coming to a group decision.

White Star Capital leads or co-leads Series A rounds and beyond into companies that have established product-market dominance in their home region and are ready to scale their model globally. We believe in establishing strong relationships with our portfolio companies and taking active roles in helping them grow internationally.

Our Beliefs

We support founders who think globally from Day 1 from our offices in New York, Montreal, Toronto, London, Paris, Hong Kong and Tokyo.

We have full teams based in each of our investment regions that are hyper-focused on finding the best startups in their region with the potential to become global champions. We believe that multiculturalism and diversity breed international success, and look for management teams who bring well-rounded perspectives on the global market.

Supporting Founders

We invest in industry-defining businesses in high growth sectors across both consumer and enterprise.

We are constantly monitoring the macroeconomic environment to identify emerging trends. At the moment, the verticals that we believe lend themselves well to internationalization and scalability include: Digital Health, Communication & Collaboration, Industrial Technology, Mobility, FinTech, Lifestyle, FoodTech, Artificial Intelligence, Gaming, and Digital Assets.

High Growth

We look for Series A and beyond companies who have international ambitions and scalability potential.

At White Star, our goal is to use our international network to help companies scale strong business models globally. As a result, we look for founders with a strong understanding of the unit economics of their business, and which business levers will be employed to repeat the model on a global scale.

Scalability Potential

With our large network of co-investors, we are able to help with existing and future rounds of financing.

Our global positioning gives us the unique ability to build relationships with the strongest co-investors, corporate partners, and local startup ecosystems in each of our regions. As a result, we are able to easily provide access to our network of commercial/financial partners anywhere across North America, Europe, or Asia.

Large Network

We believe in doing better by doing good.

We believe the best companies are solving the world’s biggest problems. That’s why we place a heavy emphasis on companies focused on Environmental, Social, and corporate Governance (ESG) initiatives. We think these values are no longer a “nice to have”, they’re a “need-to-have.”

Doing Good