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Wassef Sawaf

Venture Partner

Born in Beirut, I was raised between Lebanon and Canada and currently living between Dubai and Southeast Asia.

I joined White Star Capital as a Venture Partner in 2022 to work closely with entrepreneurs and help them realize their ambitions, something I have loved to do since my own entrepreneurship journey began in my early 20s. I recently founded Wayu Energy in 2020, with the aim to provide cleaner and more cost-effective renewable energy in Asia, a growing and dynamic part of the world. Prior to Wayu Energy, I established two successful energy companies operating in the Middle East and in Japan.

Investing and developing smart cities, cleantech, and solar energy infrastructure projects across Southeast Asia allows me to feed my ambition of bringing much needed clean and sustainable power to economically thriving areas. The versatility of the implementation of solar energy can be quite a creative process and this is an exciting part of what I do. This love of creativity and bringing about novel ways to improve people’s lives is channelled through the investments we do at White Star, backing entrepreneurs with interesting businesses.

For the last twenty years, I have truly enjoyed working in Asia, and working with White Star Capital allows me to connect capital and entrepreneurs between the Middle and Far East, which is something I am really passionate about.

On the weekends I spend my time with my lovely wife and energetic young boys, playing football, padel tennis or basketball. I love to travel for food experiences, to spend meaningful quality time with loved ones and to quote lines from my favourite movies. I have been an active member of YPO since 2011, allowing me to meet wonderful people from all over the world and to have truly meaningful experiences.

I continue to draw inspiration from Alexander the Great, Roger Federer, Michael Jordan, my uncle, a successful businessperson and great philanthropist, as well my parents, as they inspire me to work hard, stand up for what you believe in, and to do it with elegance and humility. I aim to teach the same values of patience, tolerance and respect that were instilled in me from a young age to my three young boys. I am also keen to continuously expose them to cultures I admire, such as the Japanese one, in the way that it values duty, discipline and service to the community.

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