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Vargha Moayed

Venture Partner

Canadian citizen, but born in Morocco from Iranian parents. Living and worked in seven different countries across three continents makes me a true citizen of the world.

Prior to White Star Capital, I was the Chief Strategic Officer at UiPath, where I had the privilege of helping the company scale from a relatively unknown Romanian based start-up to the global leader in RPA in under 5 years.

I define myself as a “hyper-generalist”. My diverse business experience in multiple countries, settings and industries, working for large established companies as well as tech start-ups, has honed my skills in supporting companies to grow successfully.

I believe that all company aspects matter and need to be in sync in order for a company to thrive, from the leaders’ personalities, to product, talent, market timing, operations etc. Deeply understanding market dynamics, with respect to the company’s maturity and the associated challenges is what I am best at and most passionate about.

I am an avid reader, traveler and my taste in music given my multiple cultural influences is too eclectic to describe.

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