“My passion is connecting dots. I get a rush when being able to connect entrepreneurs with new markets, when finding new opportunities with our investors, when matching talent with startups. I thoroughly enjoy being a part of the White Star Capital family.”

Shun is a Venture Partner at White Star Capital with a multitude of experience in finance, startup, and private-public sector bridging.

Previously he was Executive Director of the Silicon Valley Japan Platform, and has held positions at the World Economic Forum, a Paris-based startup, at Goldman Sachs and at Morgan Stanley. He concurrently manages Bower Group Asia’s Japan office, where he advises Fortune 500 companies’ government relations strategy in Japan.

Shun has a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Keio University and a MBA from INSEAD. Born and raised in Geneva, Switzerland and educated in Japan and France, Shun has a multicultural background and is fluent in Japanese, English and French.


  • Morgan Stanley
  • Goldman Sachs
  • Blue Oceans Venture
  • World Economic Forum
  • Silicon Valley Japan
  • Platform
  • Bower Group Asia