Innovation has made us more efficient. It’s also made us more demanding. We want the best new thing, and we want it now!

This is causing product life cycles to shorten which has put tremendous pressure on the way that products are conceived, developed, manufactured and delivered. The old way of manufacturing stuff can’t keep up. The Original Equipment Manufacturer’s supply chain has not yet adapted to the shortened product life cycle. Today, OEMs source their custom equipment from suppliers with long lead-times caused by a uselessly complex and iterative design-quote-order process which is ready for disruption.

Vention is the first digital manufacturing platform dedicated to machine design. The company provides a fully integrated 3D MachineBuilder™ and modular component library that lets users design, order and assemble custom industrial equipment directly from a web browser in just a few days instead of months. Vention is serving everything from large automobile and aerospace companies to emerging robotics startups. The company also recently became the first and only design software and hardware platform certified by Universal Robots, the world’s largest collaborative robot manufacturer.

“We developed a relationship with the team at White Star over the year and half that preceded our seed round. From the get-go they have shown commitment to learn the specificity of our B2B e-Commerce business and get their hands dirty whether it’s strategy, financing, or marketing… We consider them as part of the team, working to build the first digital manufacturing powerhouse.”

- Etienne Lacroix
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Led By

Sanjay Zimmermann Jean-François Marcoux Christophe Bourque

Investment Date

January 2018



Business Model

B2B Marketplaces


Montreal, Canada



Initial Investment

Seed Co-investor
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