Over 27% of the UK financial population has ‘thin-files’ — non-standard applicants that traditional lenders don’t deem to be creditworthy.

Among this figure are 11m self-employed people, 4m young adults and 1m legal immigrants, along with people automatically deemed not creditworthy who actually are.

Aire presents a new way to assess and re-score these profiles. Its algorithms and techniques emulate human decision making to power credit decisions that better serve consumers from all backgrounds and boost acceptance rates to financial products. With the population of self-employed people increasing, the perspectives for growth are significant: The United States counts 64m people with limited or no access to credit, while emerging markets also represent a massive opportunity. Aire’s ‘new world reality’ approach to credit scoring is leading a technology-led evolution in the financial services sector, and has already earned the company a number of accolades including being named one of Forbes’s top five European startups to watch.

“White Star Capital understands the playbook for building large companies that can be leaders in their sector. For founders working on these types of companies, it gives them a partner who is on the same wavelength and understands the chess game ahead.”

- Aneesh Varma, Founder and CEO
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March 2016



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