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Process Automation at Scale

  • Mohannad El-Barachi, CEO
  • Montreal, Canada
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  • December 2021
  • Current
  • Seed

The Investment

Every business in the world is on a path to automation.

Driven by the desire to improve margins, reduce time wasted on low added-value activities, retain and motivate employees, reduce human errors and increase productivity in general, companies have been increasingly investing in automation solutions over the last few years.

Wrk is an enterprise software solution focused on automating tedious and time-consuming internal processes, freeing up time and energy for businesses. It is an abstraction layer on top of complicated automation frameworks, enabling the user to drag and drop together pre-configured blocks called Wrk Actions. This intuitive and user-friendly process connects customers with APIs, AI, RPA, bots, and a human crowdsourced workforce without the need for the customer to strategize or choose – Wrk simply delivers on the end product consistently and at scale. No integration is required from IT and the processes are easily customizable to suit business needs.

Why We Invested

White Star Capital Invests in Wrk to Simplify Workforce Automation

Christophe BourqueSanjay ZimmermannUsamah Khan

We believe that the company’s unique, holistic and highly intuitive approach to automation will open an entirely new business segment and democratize a service that was until now only available to large corporations or developers. Without having to automate an entire organization via burdensome solutions or having to focus solely on automating clustered tasks, Wrk allows companies to think about automation in terms of business processes and bring a complex subject within reach of non-technical users.

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In the News

White Star and Omers-Backed Wrk Wants to be “Uber For Office Tasks”

A startup that wants to transform the way people work, and which is aptly named Wrk Technologies Inc., has landed $55 million CAD in funding.

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