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Financial products designed for the digital entrepreneur

  • Piotr Pisarz, CEO & Asher Ismail, COO
  • London, UK
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  • August 2019
  • Current
  • Seed

The Investment

The current funding landscape has few options for digital businesses that are quick, flexible, and easily accessible.

Traditional bank loans do not cater to startups as they are slow, inflexible and require significant collateral. Venture capital funding is usually only accessible to a very small percentage of digital businesses, accompanied by long due diligence processes and loss of equity.

Piotr as a VC and Asher as an entrepreneur witnessed this first hand, and set out to build Uncapped to provide digital entrepeneurs with fast, affordable and easily accessible forms of funding to finance growth in a way that entrepeneurs have never been able to before. The loans are repaid through a revenue share agreement, and whether they are for marketing, inventory, factoring etc. Uncapped’s proprietary technology and credit decision engine enables them to approve loan applications within a day, so that entrepeneurs can spend less time on fundraising and more time on growing their business.

In the News

Uncapped, which provides upfront revenue to digital companies, raises $80M in funding

Founded in 2019, Uncapped is positioned as an alternative to traditional debt financing and venture capital, providing companies with growth finance for a flat fee that goes down to 6%, and fast-released capital. Businesses repay the capital as they make revenue. There is no set repayment and no compounding interest, equity or personal guarantees. There are even no credit checks or business plans required.

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