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Transparent and contextualized location data platform

  • Thomas Walle, CEO
  • New York, USA
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  • February 2018
  • Current
  • Series B

The Investment

The world's largest and most successful technology companies today are all built upon the ability to create and control the data sets in their respective domains.

Google has search data, Facebook has social data, Spotify has music data and LinkedIn has job data. Until now, the ability to generate the kind of data sets required for such industry dominance has been restricted to the digital world.

Thomas and Kjartan founded Unacast to provide the technology and tools to help data driven industries understand the physical world in the same way we understand the online world. Unacast is a proximity and location data platform, building “The Real World Graph”, collecting sensor data, beacon data, proximity data, GPS data, etc. to identify people’s real world movements. Unacast has positioned itself as a unifying force in the data industry, aggregating, matching, and improving the data needed to determine how people are moving and interacting in the physical world.

Why We Invested

White Star Capital Leads Unacast’s $17.5m Round to Continue Building the Real World Graph®

Eric Martineau-Fortin

We love how Unacast stayed the course of building a data platform and resisted temptations to build a vertical-specific solution. As a result, Unacast’s solution is now valuable to companies across a number of verticals,. Any company that cares about where people visit, shop, dwell, work, and commute would find value in Unacast’s data.

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