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End-to-end debt securitization platform delivering the best rates and the fastest speed

  • Nelson Chu, CEO
  • New York, USA
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  • April 2021
  • Current
  • Series A

The Investment

Despite the colossal size of global private debt markets and its significance in our economy, the coordination between borrowers and lenders remains largely untouched by technology.

Percent launched in 2018 with an ambitious vision to help corporate borrowers of any size secure and fulfill debt capital through technology. By innovating the way private debt is originated, structured, and syndicated, Percent aims to become the dominant infrastructure layer delivering debt capital with unprecedented levels of transparency and efficiency.

Nelson Chu, Prath Reddy, and the Percent team bring deep industry expertise. Based on the team’s intimate understanding of debt markets, Percent aims to catapult all parties including borrowers, lenders, and underwriters into the modern world through purpose-built software that touches on all aspects of debt transactions.

Why We Invested

Partnering with Percent and why we believe private debt markets deserve better

Sep AlaviEddie Lee

We were fortunate to have become friends with Nelson before the idea of Percent was first penned on his initial pitch deck. In many ways, our partnership with Nelson and his team has been an inevitable one that was several years in the making, and we’re extremely proud to co-lead the company’s $12.5m Series A with B Capital Group at such an important stage of Percent’s story.

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In the News

Newly christened Percent wants to make it easier to securitize corporate debt

Percent is building an end-to-end technology securitization platform for debt originators to connect with a much wider network of investors than traditional institutions to get the best rates at the fastest speeds. When we last checked in a year ago with the company, previously known as Cadence, it had just raised $4 million and processed $125 million through its platform in its short lifetime. Well, it has now structured more than $400 million across its platform, an eye-popping performance that has attracted new VC interest, this time from Sep Alavi at White Star Capital and Karen Page at B Capital Group. The two firms are investing $12.5 million in a Series A into Percent, with previous backers Revel Partners and Recharge Capital participating.

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