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Digital Health

Parsley Health

Holistic personalized care designed to reverse chronic illness and optimize health

  • Robin Berzin, CEO
  • New York, USA
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  • October 2019
  • Current
  • Series B

The Investment

The health and wellness industry is more than traditional healthcare. It embodies the pursuit of activities, choice, and lifestyles resulting in a state of holistic wellbeing, and consumers are taking to it.

Today ’s consumers are not making a distinction between wellness and health— they simply want to be their best self. Parsley Health is the leading vertically integrated digital health solution for reversing chronic disease and optimizing health. Founded in 2016 by Dr. Robin Berzin MD—a Columbia-trained physician, digital health expert, and leader in functional medicine—the company puts nutrition, wellness, and prevention on the front lines of healthcare.

At Parsley, the health of a patient is approached holistically with personalized memberships that include nutrition and lifestyle plans, advanced testing, proven supplements, prescription drugs and referrals to top specialists. The mission is to save billions of dollars for patients everywhere – especially in terms of prescription drug use. In fact, across all members, the digital health platform is reducing overall prescription drug use by more than 60%.

Why We Invested

Healing Healthcare: Our Investment in Parsley Health

Eric Martineau-FortinChristophe Bourque

At White Star Capital, we have a thesis on the evolution of healthcare and wellness as seen by our investments in Dialogue and Echo. We also believe that the lines between fitness, nutrition, emotional wellbeing, and primary healthcare will blend. We believe the rising trend of Functional Medicine reflects the consumer’s quest for the ‘best self’, by living well, understanding their body and maximizing their health in the long term.

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In the News

How Parsley Health Pivoted From Chic Clinics To A National Telehealth Platform

As it continued to grow its virtual services nationwide, Parsley continues to refine its approach to healthcare, from revising all intake language for the clinical teams, to accounting for the unique needs of LGBTQ+ and patients of color. Dr. Robin Berzin believes this mindset will keep Parsley fresh in an increasingly competitive market. “Telehealth is a feature, not a product. Just because a doctor is online doesn’t make them a better doctor,” says Berzin. “In terms of success it all comes down to the quality of care you’re offering.”

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