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A decentralised data broker reinventing the data economy

  • Yannick Folla
  • Montreal
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  • June 2023
  • Current
  • Pre-seed

The Investment

Reinventing the data economy: why we invested in Oamo

User data has become a commodity in the twenty-first century. Understanding who users are, what they do, and how they interact helps businesses build their products and acquire users more effectively. As a result, the data brokerage industry is booming. With an estimated total of 5,000 data brokers, at an estimated value of $257bn in 2021, data broker revenue is expected to grow at 4.5% from 2022 to 2029 and reach nearly $365bn.

Now, Web3 companies have the same fundamental need for user acquisition and retention that Web2 companies do. Oamo is a decentralised data broker that allows individuals to own and monetise the value of their data. The platform will enable users to share their on-chain and off-chain data anonymously with trusted companies in exchange for exclusive token rewards and promotions.

Why We Invested

Reinventing the data economy: why we invested in Oamo

Sep AlaviSanjay ZimmermannMarthe Naudts

We’re thrilled to announce our $1.25m pre-seed investment in Oamo, a decentralised data broker allowing individuals to own and monetise their data while remaining anonymous. Here’s why we invested.

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In the News

Oamo emerges from stealth with White Star Capital backing to build decentralised data brokerage

The Web3 startup has secured $1.25m in pre-seed financing solely from White Star Capital to build out its team and product.

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