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Platform enabling collaborative corporate training

  • Matthieu Beucher, CEO
  • Rennes, France
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  • July 2016
  • Current
  • Series A

The Investment

Companies are increasingly coming to realize the importance corporate training has in maintaining a successful organization, not only to help improve employee productivity but to build the kind of learning culture that helps retain them.

Klaxoon creates a simple solution that enriches professional and corporate training sessions, engaging employees through their own web or mobile devices.

Trainers using Klaxoon can plan out sessions including a range of interactive learning techniques like polls, quizzes and games that help break up presentations and boost employee participation. With thousands of teams around the world using the platform daily, Klaxoon’s aim to boost collective intelligence and engagement inside and out of offices globally is looking within reach.

In the News

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Klaxoon Intègre Le Next40 Pour La 2e Année Consécutive

Pour Klaxoon, le Next40 participe à changer la donne auprès des grands comptes tout en valorisant la pertinence de solutions Tech françaises. Cette nouvelle sélection est une très bonne nouvelle dont nous nous réjouissons et qui nous aidera à porter avec encore davantage de force notre mission : libérer tous les potentiels, individuels et collectifs.

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