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AI and robotics-based solution for key duplication and lockouts

  • Greg Marsh, CEO
  • New York, USA
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  • April 2014
  • Current
  • Series A

The Investment

Key duplication is a massive industry, historically led by locksmiths and keymakers, which makes introducing technological innovation a challenge.

For KeyMe, this was an opportunity to disrupt and modernise the market by integrating advanced artificial intelligence and robotics. Its free mobile app allows customers to scan their keys digitally and store them securely, easing the duplication process when needed and helping solve frustrating lockouts.

With thousands of automated kiosks in leading retailers across the US where you can print, save and duplicate keys, KeyMe is a must-have for consumers and a strategic partner for retailers.

In the News

KeyMe Raises $35M in Funding

New York-based KeyMe — which was founded in 2012 by Greg Marsh, former director of finance at auto tech company Aperia Technologies — hopes to change the paradigm with a network of key-scanning kiosks. To this end, the company today announced that its raised $35 million in funding from Brentwood Associates, bringing its total raised to around $200 million following a $50 million debt financing round led by BlackRock last year. The fresh funds will further KeyMe’s goal to expand to 10,000 locations in the coming months as its customer base grows to more than 10 million people.

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