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Auto e-commerce platform making mobility fun, sustainable and convenient

  • Maximilian Wühr, CEO
  • Munich, Germany
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  • December 2020
  • Current
  • Series A

The Investment

Despite the growing popularity of car-sharing and micromobility, the car is still critical for many people given its convenience.

However owning a car still remains as an expensive hassle, with a confusing and long purchase process, high ongoing costs, long commitment periods and the need to manage aspects such as insurance, tax, maintenance and repairs.

Maxi and the exceptional team at FINN are focused on making mobility simpler, cheaper and more sustainable. The team is building an auto e-Commerce platform where consumers and enterprises can easily subscribe to a vehicle for a fixed monthly fee or purchase a vehicle through an industry beating customer experience.

Why We Invested

Car Access Over Car Ownership: Backing to Make Mobility Fun and Sustainable

Nicholas Stocks

As investors we have viewed this sector as one in dire need of disruption for some time now. In Germany today there are 42m households, where statistically every one of these households owns at least one car, which to us represents a €200bn opportunity. So when we met Max-Josef in the Summer of 2020, we were certain we’d found the team to solve this problem at a global scale.

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