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Digital Health


Canada's leading telemedicine platform

  • Cherif Habib, CEO & Anna Chif, COO
  • Montreal, Canada
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  • February 2018
  • Exited
  • Series A

The Investment

In an increasingly competitive job market, employers are seeking new ways of improving employee attraction and retention.

Furthermore, many employers are investing in new ways to improve the overall health of their employees which increases productivity and lowers employee insurance benefit costs. Dialogue is at the nexus of these powerful trends.

Dialogue is an easy to use mobile and desktop application through which employees can quickly chat with healthcare professionals before ever stepping foot in a clinic or hospital. Employers offer Dialogue as part of their Employee Benefit Plan. Their employees and their families can use it at no cost to them. No more waiting for hours at the clinic for minor health issues, no lost time at work. Dialogue has also proven to substantially increase employee satisfaction and decrease absenteeism.

Why We Invested

Dialogue Goes Public: Our Journey from Series A to IPO

Jean-Francois MarcouxChristophe BourqueSanjay Zimmermann

In 2018, telehealth was evolving rapidly in Europe and the US, but was only starting to emerge in Canada, with 1% of primary care interactions being facilitated through digital platforms. Seeing the impact that startups like Babylon, Kry, Doctolib and Teladoc were making in their markets, we were looking for a company that was positioning itself to bring telehealth to Canada. We were fortunate to be introduced to Dialogue through our network in Canada and our friends at Diagram Ventures. Furthermore, we’d known Cherif Habib, CEO of Dialogue, for many years prior to his co-founding the company.

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In the News

Dialogue expands into iCBT with the acquisition of e-hub Health

eHH's moodgym program is one of the most research-backed and peer-reviewed iCBT solutions in the world, and is widely recognized as a groundbreaking technology solution for mental health. iCBT uses similar principles and techniques as in-person cognitive behavioural therapy programs, but is delivered in a structured electronic format consisting of educational lessons and assignments. This will allow Dialogue to offer a comprehensive iCBT service within its Integrated Health Platform™.

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