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Asia Innovations

Mobile entertainment platform

  • Andy Tian, CEO
  • Hong Kong, China
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  • January 2013
  • Current
  • Series A

The Investment

Today, at any given point in time, there are several billion humans online, many of which are seeking live entertainment and human to human interactions.

The rise of live streaming and live content is a massive trend that has started in Asia and taken the world by storm , especially following the COVID-19 lockdown periods of limited “”real world”” social interactions.

Asia Innovations Group runs a live streaming platform called Uplive and a live dating app called L’Amour which bring to life, live human to human interactions. In early 2021 the group consisted of more than 350 million registered users located in over 200 countries and regions worldwide.

Why We Invested

Live Video Streaming – from Asia with Love

Eric Martineau-FortinJoe Quinn WeiSanjay Zimmermann

Social platforms in Asia have already moved beyond video sharing to live video streaming where users are actively engaging with each via live video, not just passively watching pre-made video content. The earliest live video streaming platforms in Asia included Huya, Douyu and YY in China, Afreeca TV in Korea, and SHOWROOM by DeNA in Japan. This is part of an ongoing trend where Chinese firms, long derided for being imitators of Western tech platforms, are now increasingly leading innovation — whether it’s with TikTok’s curation algorithm or the widespread success of social ecommerce. We revisit our thoughts on live video streaming in Asia that led to our partnership with Asia Innovations as we strengthen this partnership once more.

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In the News

Millions turn to livestreaming to earn a living during Covid-19 pandemic, as the gig economy takes hold

Disruptions to people’s work lives from the coronavirus pandemic over the past 16 months have fuelled significant growth in people seeking to pursue live streaming as a gig, particularly in emerging markets, according to the co-founder of Asia Innovations Group (AIG), the tech start-up behind live streaming service Uplive and dating app Lamour.

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