Over the next few years, retailers who bridge digital and physical shopping experiences will be the ones to generate the highest percentage growth.

With that in mind, many large retailers are investing heavily in omnichannel solutions — the most successful proving to be those who recognise the part their existing infrastructures, and in particular the sales associates who work within them, play in providing an improved customer experience.

Salesfloor sets itself apart by taking a people-powered approach to e-commerce: leveraging the relationships and influence sales associates have already built with their customers in person. It gives associates the tools to create a personalized storefront — a local version of their company’s e-commerce site — allowing their customers to shop online with them directly and benefit from the same experience they’d receive in store. It’s an empowering move for the associates, enabling them to further develop their relationship with customers through additional methods such as individual product recommendations, advice and live shopping services. With benefits for stores, associates and customers alike, Salesfloor’s connective approach to retail is positioning them as serious leaders in the market.

“White Star Capital approach more from an entrepreneurial perspective, which I can relate to, so they understand very well the challenges and opportunities, the ups and downs of a startup. I felt they would be real supporters of making the business successful versus other investors who just look at the numbers.”

- Oscar Sachs, Co-founder and CEO
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Sanjay Zimmermann Jean-François Marcoux

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July 2016



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Montreal, Canada



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Series A Lead
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