The daily FX market is 5.1T USD and the cryptocurrency market represents only ~0.1% of that. Cryptocurrency trading infrastructure today is dominated by a handful of players who either have a background in cryptocurrencies or in traditional finance.

Teams lack the knowhow to operate a licensed exchange or have no experience in handling cryptocurrency assets. This creates a disconnect between the financial institutions that would like to enter the cryptocurrency market and the infrastructure providers that attempt to serve them.

As a time-tested cryptocurrency brokerage service, Safello’s vision is to become the leading full stack exchange to fill this gap, serving the entire value chain from retail investors and professional traders to financial institutions. The company led by Frank Schuil initially set out to bring greater compliance and security to the cryptocurrency industry. Its user-friendly approach led it to become one of the leading crypto brokerage services globally.

“White Star Capital clearly understands the opportunity in creating an institutional-grade cryptocurrency market and has the global network to accelerate our growth. We’re excited to be doing exactly that with their support.”

- Frank Schuil
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Led By

Eric Martineau-Fortin Sep Alavi

Investment Date

October 2017



Business Model

B2C Marketplaces


Stockholm, Sweden



Initial Investment

Seed Lead
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