According to analysis by both IBM and McKinsey, 2.3 trillion gigabytes of data were created each day in 2015, compared to 1.5bn in 1999.

People are generating an ever-increasing amount of data through the likes of smartphones, wearables and email, but while the information from these sources complement each other, they tend to remain segregated and open to cyberattacks.

Data processing platform Redsift is connecting all these pieces of information to help protect it. The company has created a number of smart apps they refer to as Sifts, which help organisations and individuals better process, manage and protect their data. Their email security Sift, OnDMARC, helps protect against phishing attacks and is deployed across some of the world’s leading technology and financial companies. In addition, RedSift encourages developers to build new Sifts via its intuitive SDK and works with them to bring them to market.

“We are incredibly excited to be supported by the team at White Star Capital. Even before formally joining the portfolio, their network and expertise were invaluable in helping us build the business.”

- Rahul Powar, Founder and CEO
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June 2016



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