Packaging has become a central point to any brand’s retail strategy, and is viewed as an extremely effective marketing channel.

However for millions of SMEs worldwide, the ability to craft packaging befitting for their brand has been limited to large businesses with sufficient scale and in-house design expertise.

Having faced this exact issue themselves, Wojciech, Maciej and the team founded Packhelp, a B2B packaging marketplace that connects businesses requiring customisation and flexibility, to printing houses requiring scale. They have developed a fully automated online platform which includes a 3D design, where businesses can design and order highly customised packaging and receive them in as little as 2 days. Packhelp already counts over 10,000 customers in over 30 countries across Europe, including EA, L’Oreal, and H&M, and is poised well to tackle this $40bn market, and make packaging accessible to all.

“Packhelp is on a mission to democratize custom packaging for SMEs worldwide. We’re pleased to team up with White Star Capital to make this vision a reality. The White Star team has everything a startup needs to build a truly global platform, something that was key for us when searching for a partner. We hope to benefit strongly from their impressive network, as well as their hands-on approach to mastering growth and scaling the business.”

- Wojciech Sadowski, co-founder and CEO
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Led By

Nicholas Stocks Alex-Hugh Wilson

Investment Date

February 2019



Business Model

B2B Marketplaces


Warsaw, Poland



Initial Investment

Series A Lead
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