WKey duplication is a $7.5bn industry traditionally led by locksmiths and keymakers, which makes introducing technological innovation a challenge.

For KeyMe, this was an opportunity to disrupt and modernise the market by integrating advanced artificial intelligence and robotics. Its free mobile app allows you to scan your keys digitally and store them securely, easing the duplication process when needed and helping solve frustrating lockouts. With thousands of automated kiosks in leading retailers across the US where you can print, save and duplicate keys, KeyMe is a must-have for consumers and a strategic partner for retailers.

“White Star Capital consistently roll up their sleeves to help us tackle challenges. Whether it’s recruiting, product strategy, technical consulting or other issues, their team demonstrates an eagerness to contribute that is above and beyond the average investor. It’s clear the team is made of former operators who have a deep desire to create successful companies.”

- Greg Marsh, Founder and CEO
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Led By

Jean-François Marcoux

Investment Date

April 2014



Business Model

B2C Marketplaces


New York, USA



Initial Investment

Series A Lead
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