Patients around the world are increasingly seeking superior medical services abroad due to high costs and long waiting lists at home, and better healthcare infrastructure and technology in destination countries. South Korea’s specialty across a broad array of medical fields such as oncology treatment, cardiac surgery, and cosmetics sets aside the country as a unique, compelling medical destination.

Himedi is a digital health platform that connects international patients with advanced medical service providers in South Korea. Patients enjoy a tailored and thoughtful end-to-end experience that spans from medical consultation, translation, and booking to local accommodations, as well as tourism packages for family members who visit the country with the patients as guardians.

“Himedi is introducing a novel digital health solution that is inherently global. It was imperative to partner with a internationally-minded investor that could help us in this exciting journey. We quickly recognized that White Star Capital not only had expertise across multiple regions, but also a deep understanding of our industry through operational experience and impressive pulse on the market.”

- Jay Lee and Donkyo Seo
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Led By

Eddie Lee Shun Nagao Pauline Studer Eric Martineau-Fortin

Investment Date

April 2020



Business Model

B2C Marketplaces


Seoul, South Korea



Initial Investment

Series A
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