Car ownership is changing.

Despite the growing popularity of car-sharing and micromobility in dense urban areas, the car still holds an important position in society given the convenience it provides.  However, consumers have been forced to accept cars as a necessary and expensive hassle, with a confusing and long purchase process, high ongoing costs, long commitment periods and needing to manage aspects such as insurance, tax, maintenance and repairs. 

Max-Josef and the exceptional team at are focused on making mobility simpler, cheaper and more sustainable. The team has built a platform where consumers and enterprises can easily subscribe to a car that suits their exact needs over a fixed time period for a single monthly fee. All costs are included, with no significant upfront payments, making owning a car as simple as it should be.

“The team at White Star Capital are some of the brightest and most diligent investors I have met. Operating with the highest degree of professionalism, they were able to understand our business and vision and move quickly, allowing us to raise our Series A fast in order to focus back on the business. I can highly recommend them to all fellow entrepreneurs.”

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Nicholas Stocks Alex-Hugh Wilson

Investment Date

December 2020



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Munich, Germany



Initial Investment

Series A
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