Over the next decade, the world will gain the equivalent of 80+ Procter & Gambles in new enterprise value – this is the magnitude of growth anticipated in the consumer-packaged-goods (CPG) sector, which is expected to reach $14 trillion by 2025.

And yet, driven by the demands of the new consumer, incumbent brands stand to increasingly lose market share year over year: 40% of US internet users expect D2C brands to account for 40% or more of their purchases within the next five years.

Arfa is seeking to combine the brand development and product launching efficiencies of D2C with the scalability and profitability of the personal care CPG conglomerates. The company has built a technology platform that enable them to build and maintain relationships and communication with the communities they seek to serve. This allows arfa to create products that every single customer (not the “average consumer”) loves.

“Everything arfa creates is based on intimate conversations with individuals willing to engage emotionally in the development of better personal care brands and products. Our relationship with White Star is founded on these same principles. By definition, as entrepreneurs, we at arfa are trying to build something new and different. It is therefore mission-critical to work with lead investors that really seek to understand us and what we are trying to achieve. Rather than trying to fit our business into a pattern-recognition framework, White Star took the time to envisage our approach for what it was and, based on their deep e-commerce experience, really understand our vision for how we can fundamentally change the relationship between customers and brand.”

- Henry Davis, Founder and CEO
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Karolina Mrozkova Christophe Bourque

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March 2020



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New York, USA



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